Akae Beka - Black Carbon Feat: Chronixx 7" Before Zero Records

Product code: IGBZR7001
Two of the deepest thinkers in reggae music, Vaughn Benjamin and Chronixx, trade reflections on their collaboration, 'Black Carbon.' Originally released on the 2021 album 'Polarities,' the song is available for the first time as a vinyl single, backed by its dub version. Adorned with the swirling flute of Sheldon Bernard (Beres Hammond, Harmony House) and David Pransky’s brittle, Kora-like mandolin, the twin reggae intellects, with their uniquely delicate voices, introspect on how 'all ah we forward from the same carbon.' The song's message juxtaposes the unity that binds us with a critique of the prevailing narratives and structures that weaken this bond. It underscores the universal truth that we all originate from the same elemental blackness—a truth mirrored throughout humanity and the entire spectrum of creation. Yet, it pointedly highlights how this shared essence is often unrecognised or undervalued in the social and political realms, especially for nations and diasporas connected by the original human hue. The A-side vocal mix is followed by Tippy I’s lavish, questing dub, bringing the instrumentation to the fore. Produced by Vaughn and Zion I Kings.


A. Akae Beka - Black Carbon Feat: Chronixx

B. Akae Beka - Black Carbon Dub Feat: Chronixx


Label: Before Zero Records

Format: 7" Vinyl

Release Date: 29th March 2024

Brand Before Zero Records
Condition New
Product Code IGBZR7001
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