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LIVING TESTAMENT is the final album Vaughn Benjamin recorded before he transitioned in November of 2019. In late October of 2019, he travelled to Grass Valley, California, recording this 11-track album at Ras Biblical’s studio, Trinity Farm, over a period of 2 days. The producers gathered 11 masterful musicians on these tracks, including Manuel “Go A Chant” Guerra, Denfield “Ras Pulse” Potter, Walker Pillow, Scott Lynwood Davis, Befekadu Assefa and Tuff Lion. Together, these musicians weaved together a powerful family of songs that that tell a timeless and truly unique story, a masterpiece of roots reggae.

Limited Edition CD comes with 12 panel fold out poster!


1. Stone Of The Corner

2. Going On A Mission

3. Rebellion Running

4. All Around Man Yard

5. Who Will Go For Us

6. Holding The Amen Key

7. Keeper Of The Gate

8. Who Is The Rejector

9. Cream Of Joy

10. Reforms Unseen

11. S On The Chest


Label: I-Roots Records • Before Zero Records (USA)

Format: CD with 12 panel fold out poster!

Release Date: February 16th, 2024

Brand I-Roots Records • Before Zero Records
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Product Code BZR006CD
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