Akae Beka - Mystic Vision - New 1000 CD FullGrown Records

FulIgrown Records & I-Roots Records & are honoured to bring you the CD re-issue and digital album NEW 1000. This album was originally released in 2006. CDs were a best seller and two presses sold out quickly. Then the CD went out of print and became a collectors item. Here it is again! Official release and release date is June 11th 2021! In Stock now!
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Product information

01. Real Time
02. Medulla Oblongata
03. Heart Stay
04. Obey
05. Give Me Me Ganja
06. Home
07. Racket
08. Law
09. Resin
10. Omega 6 Crystal
11. Jus Come Back
12. Jerusalem
13. Covenant Keeper
14. Utterly Composed
15. Gondar
16. Whims
17. Rastafari Right
18. 9-5 

Label: FullGrown Records
Date of Release: 11/06/2021 
Format: CD

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Brand FullGrown Records
Condition New
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