Akae Beka - Sow And The Reap 7" Before Zero Records

Product code: IGBZR7003
Sagacious reggae lyricist Vaughn Benjamin’s words are particularly cutting during Sow And The Reap, the final recording of Vaughns immense catalog of works with I Grade Records. Produced by Zion I Kings, and taken from 2021’s album Polarities, Sow And The Reap folds topics of political dominance, mass migration, and injustice into a thought provokingly coherent whole. The song brims with Vaughn’s characteristic dual-meaning word-play, using evocative metaphors of nature and agriculture to illuminate global policy. Sow And The Reap’s timeless lyrical principles are matched by its inexorable reggae rhythm, featuring hefty programmed drums by Romain “Teflon Zincfence” Arnett, and sombre trombone and space age synth, both supplied by much missed multi-instrumentalist Drew Keys. Backed by its correspondingly haunting dub.


A. Akae Beka - Sow And The Reap 

B. Akae Beka - Sow And The Reap Dub


Label: Before Zero Records

Format: 7" Vinyl

Release Date: 29th March 2024

Brand Before Zero Records
Condition New
Product Code IGBZR7003
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