Akae Beka - Topaz LP Before Zero Label

Product code: IGBZRLP001

Akae Beka's inimitable style, developed over decades performing with St. Croix based band Midnite and countless recordings (including 2014 iTunes reggae album of the year BEAUTY FOR ASHES and RIDE TRU). At the point of his untimely passing in 2019, he had released over 70LP's. He is without a doubt one of the most prolific reggae artists ever known and his quanity is always matched with quality, with his albums consistently featuring in the top 10 on the billboard charts reggae LPs.

A unique contribution to the sea of Akae Beka titles, this LP showcases Vaughn Benjamin in a stripped back, raw accoustic fashion. An LP which will not be easily confined to any one genre, but for the fans of Vaughns uniquly rich, deep, textrued songwriting, uncompromising devotion to RasTafari and soulful healing melodies an absolute must have!


A1. Tempest I've Seen

A2. Rallying Cry

A3. Melodies

A4. Here Here

A5. Going Thru

B1. Clarify and Resume

B2. Real Ranks

B3. Perdon

B4. Topaz

B5. Edgy Business


Label: Before Zero Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 01/04/2022

Brand Before Zero Records
Condition New
Product Code IGBZRLP001
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