Aldubb - Dub Files 04 12" One Drop

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So what is dub? More than anything, it’s a movement, constantly growing and evolving, and Aldubb’s latest 12" EP is proof that music rarely stands still. ‘Dub Files 04’ is probably the best release of the Dub Files series to date, featuring three top class vocalists and a full spectrum of dub styles.
The EP opens with a killer dubstep remix of Jah Seal’s ‘Ride da Riddim’, originally released on the album ITOPIA in 2008. With the guitars and keys playing a languid half-step over a whirling, pulsing bass melody, the vocal moves to the front of the mix, and the lyrics take on an added menace over the stripped down rhythm. The original horns occasionally bubble into the mix, which moves to full throttle towards the end of the song before chilling back into more ethereal form.
Staying in the outer atmosphere, Aldubb follows Ride da Riddim with ‘Far Out Dub’. The tune kicks off with some considered musing on the properties of light and leans into a jazzy, dissonant groove, which resolves into a sweeter orchestral sound before heading back into alien territory. It’s a strangely catchy melody. Aldubb has reportedly been experimenting with small amounts of the element Dubnium. Maybe he has discovered something.
With the cosmic business out of the way, the second side is back on the ground and getting its hands into the earth. It opens with Aldubb’s first collaboration with singer Kaya T, who delivers a beautiful, undertated vocal performance on ‘Mama Earth’, drawing in the listener with her gentle meditation – “the moon, the rain, the reverie.” It’s a gorgeously realized song. Ras Perez stays with the earthly vibes in ‘Poppy Hop’, and delivers a comic lesson in fair trade and survival over a rootsy skank. Opening with a catchy guitar and keyboard hook, Perez calls to “Green up the planet”, and get down and dirty in the Garden of Zion. It’s a simple prospect, according to Perez.: “If you plant dasheen and I plant potato, You give me some dasheen and I’ll give you a potato.” Give this a listen and you will find yourself wondering: “What’s a dasheen?”
A1. Ride De Riddim Dub feat Jah Seal
A2. Far Out Dub
B1. Mother Earth feat Kaya T
B2. Poppy Hop feat Ras Perez

Label: One Drop
Year: 2009
Format: 12" Vinyl
Condition: New Mint Sealed
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