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Alpha Blondy - Revolution CD Shanachie 1987 NEW REISSUE


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Alpha Blondy - Revolution

New 'SHANACHIE' label Reissue CD!

Tracks -

1. Sweet Fanta Diallo
2. Blesser
3. Jah Houphouet Nous Parle
4. Rock And Rock Remedy
5. Election Koutcha
6. Miri

BACKING VOCALS: Ragar Tchonang, Monique, Corinne Polloni, Wiper
BASS: Kamassa Seth, Jumbo
DRUMS: Jose Shilligford, Samuel Kone
GUITAR: Christian Polloni
RHYTHM GUITAR: Julie Mourillon, Sam Camus, Yao Mao
KEYBOARDS: Georges Kouarou, Thierry T
HORNS: Patrick Artero, Lionel Jouot, Manou, Manu Dibango
PERCUSSION: Lick, merci a Adoia
VIOLIN: Jean-Luc Pino, Dominic Piffarelly
TUBA: Michael Godard VIOLONCEL: Alen Hoist

PRODUCED BY: Alpha Blondy
RECORDED AT: Emi Pathe Marconi, JBZ, ADS
MIXED BY: Herve Lecoz, Patrick Quef
ENGINEERED BY: Herve Lecoz, Nicolas Garin, Patrice Quef, Emile Valognes

Condition: Mint New Sealed

Label: Shanachie

Format: CD

Original Year of Recordngs: 1987