Ashanti Selah - Never Leave I Alone (7" Vinyl) Firmly Rooted Records

Product code: FR007

Featuring two tracks in a classic vocal and version style, with the first release in our 7" series written and produced by Joe Rooney, live in the heart of Bristol. The first track features for the first time a solo vocal feature from Ashanti Selah where he spreads his righteous message about the love and journey of life in music.

The B-side is a dub mix of this instant vocal classic, this record is built for the dances so that other Mc's and lyrical chanters can take the reigns and lace up the riddim track for a one off live version. This dub really shows the tight production style of joe and his approach to roots music....... Stay Rooted


A. Ashanti Selah - Never Leave I Alone

B. Dub Mix 


Label: Firmly Rooted Records

Format: 7" Vinyl

Release Date: February 10th 2023 

Brand Firmly Rooted Records
Condition New
Product Code FR007
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