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Aswad - Live And Direct CD 1983 Island NEW SEALED



Aswad - Live And Direct


Tracks -

1. Not Guilty
2. Not Satisfied
3. Your Recipe
4. Roots Rocking
5. Drum & Bass Line
6. African Children
7. Soca Rumba
8. Ease Up
9. Your Love's Gotta Hold On Me
10. Revolution
11. Water Pumping
12. Love Fire

VOCALS: Brinsley Forde, Drummie Zeb, Tony Gad, Bigga Morrison
BASS: Tony Gad
DRUMS: Drummie Zeb
LEAD GUITAR: Martin 'Tatta' Augustine, Jimmy 'Senyah' Haynes
RHYTHM GUITAR: Brinsley Forde
KEYBOARDS: Bigga Morrison
SAX: Bammie Rose
TROMBONE: Henry Tenyue
TRUMPET: Eddie Tan Tan

PRODUCED BY: Aswad, Michael 'Reuben' Campbell
MIXED BY: Michael 'Reuben' Campbell, Drummie Zeb
MIXED AT: Addis Ababa, Marcus Music
ENGINEERED BY: Steve Cooksie, Chris Dickie

Format: CD

Label: Island

Year: 1983

Condition: New Mint Sealed