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Bitty McLean - Love Restart LP Taxi / Silent River

Bitty McLean - Love Restart (Vinyl LP)

Side One:
1. Take My Heart
2. Song of Songs
3. Broke My Heart
Side Two:
1. My Call
2. Babylon Has Fallen
3. War Is Over

Superb album from Bitty Mclean and Sly and Robbie with all tracks full on extended dubwise versions.

Drums = Sly Dunbar 
Bass = Robbie Shakespeare 
Guitar = Mikey Chung, Dougie Bryan, Robbie Shakespeare 
Keyboards = Robbie Lyn, Lenky Marsden, Bitty McLean 
Horns = Stepper Briard 
Percussion = Sticky Thompson 

Recorded by Phatta Pottinger @ Anchor, Kingston 
Mixed at SilentRiver by Bitty McLean 
Mastered by Alex Wharton @ Abbey Road 
Artwork by Simon Ryan @ Ryanart 
Produced by Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Bitty McLean, Guillaume Bougard