Black Market Brass - Hox (BlackLP/Green LP/CD) Colemine Records

Product code: CLMN-12055
The third LP from Black Market Brass is a new take on afrobeat that combines traditional grooves with heavy, hypnotic, sci-fi sounds that reflect the band’s myriad of influences as record collectors across genres. “We didn’t leave the traditional afro-beat sound behind, but we did allow ourselves to pull from different places with less hesitation,” shared saxophonist Cole Pulice.
Like their previous albums, the 9-piece band recorded Hox live to tape. “The sound and aesthetic of the analog recording process is important for this kind of music,” Pulice explained. “We’re looking to capture lightning in a bottle.” With that, the album features several sections of heavily processed synthesizers, harsh glitches, fuzzed out guitars, and a burning percussion section that pays homage to the traditional drumming cultures of Nigeria and Ghana. The performances are dynamic and confident. The grooves are infectious and hypnotic. BMB has pushed further into musical experimentalism, but at the end of the day, they’re still making dance music.
Krautrock, free-jazz, doom metal – the inspirations for Hox stem from all kinds of musical backgrounds, but the sound is far from scattered. It’s a polished, innovative record that’s sure to exceed expectations and keep the listener engaged from start to finish.


1. Hox A

2. Echo A.D. 04:04

3. The Pit 03:01

4. Hox B

5. A Web, A Knot, A Tangle

6. But At What Cost?

7. Æthervision

8. Little Ghosts

9. Hox C

10. S.C.C. (Surge Cell Continuum) / Hox D

11. The Rift / Hox Z / Desolation Overdrive

12. Doom Country


Label: Colemine Records

Formats: Ltd. Anti-Freeze Green | Standard Black Vinyl LP | CD

Release Date: 9th September 2023

Brand Colemine Records
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Product Code CLMN-12055
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