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Black Roots - All Day All Night - Deluxe Edition CD Bristol Archive Records


Black Roots - All Day All Night: Deluxe Edition


Track listing:

1. Realize
2. Pin In The Ocean
3. Release The Food
4. Freedom
5. Poor Children
6. Spare The Rod
7. Conman
8. Seeing You Face
9. All Day All Night
10. Mighty Lion
11. Suffer Me Not
12. Childless Mother
13. Pin In The Ocean (Extended Mix)
14. Reality Dub
15. Folitrickshun Dub
16. Dub Free
17. Face Dub
18. Fertility Dub
BACKED BY: Black Roots
TENOR SAX: Bammie Rose
TROMBONE: Vin Gordon
TRUMPET: Max Carrot
FLUTE: Bammie Rose

PRODUCED BY: Mad Professor
RECORDED AT: Music Factory
MIXED AT: Music Factory
Condition: New Mint SEALED

Label: Bristol Archive Records

Format: CD

Year: 1986