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Black Roots - On The Ground Dub Version CD Sugar Shack Records

Black Roots - On The Ground In Dub

Released 4th March 2013 - Cat Number FOD093CD

Format - CD.

2012's “On The Ground” was the first new Black Roots album in more than twenty years and was eagerly received by fans old and new. As well as gaining numerous fantastic reviews, more than three decades after their formation, Black Roots were back as though they'd never been away and their music was equally relevant in the present as it was thirty years ago.

To celebrate the success of “On The Ground” and also to satisfy numerous requests from the band's fans, Sugar Shack Records in conjunction with Nubian Records, have decided to release the dub counterpart to the album “On The Ground In Dub”.

The dub mixes have been done by Louis Becket, a man who has a long history working with leading reggae bands including Misty In Roots and Culture. He has used those years of experience to craft a dub album worthy of comparison with those from the music's peak during the 1970s. Recorded with a full band including a horn section, the dubs hark back to that time before digital production and sampling took over. Focusing on the rhythm section with the horns dropping in and out, weaving a new tapestry from the original multi tracks, this is classic dub music of the sort that has been rarely made in the last thirty years, a modern dub classic.

Stripped down and rearranged, “On The Ground In Dub” is a worthy release and stands on its own merits as a fine album that will appeal to all fans of dub Equally, those that already love the vocal album will get renewed enjoyment, hearing their favorite songs reshaped with the same authentic sound and attention to detail that have helped “On The Ground” succeed so well.

The 15 track album was released on 4th March 2013 by Sugar Shack Records on CD.


1.I Believe Dub 03:39

2.Pompous Way Dub 04:46

3.Long Long Ago Dub 03:54

4.Militancy Dub 03:30

5.Earth Land Dub 04:04

6.I Am Flying Dub 04:54

7.Slavery Dub 04:58

8.Oh Mama Africa Dub 03:51

9.Hide Out Dub 04:53

10.Call Me Out Dub 03:06

11.No Fee Dub 03:55

12.Struggle Dub 04:31

13.Landscape Dub 03:35

14.Without Direction Dub 04:10

15.Come and Sing Dub 03:45

Format: CD
Label: Sugar Shack Records
Year: 2013
Condition: New Mint Sealed