Black Uhuru - Showcase LP Taxi Records

Product code: TXILP001

Initially released in 1979 on the Jamaican Reggae label 'TAXI'  owned and operated by the immortal duo of Sly & Robbie.

This album was Black Uhuru's second LP. Recorded at Channel One it set forth a new sound in recorded music technology. The songs blend into dub versions and the mixing is simply stunning. The track Shine Eye Gal also features guitarist Kieth Richards!

Hear the meticulous song writing of Michael Rose, who's joined by Puma Jones & Duckie Simpson, to complete the vocal line up on this recording. 

Sly & Robbie and the Taxi Gang, created a sublime sonic masterpiece at Channel One studio in Jamaica. They were at their absolute peak of their powers, before being launched into global superstars with Grace Jones.

Black Uhuru went on to be an extremely popular live outfit, touring endlessly around the world, breaking down barriers and making new inroads to territories previously unknown to Jamaican artists and thus becoming household names.

This Classic reissue is a must for all record collectors Now Available on Vinyl and DigiPak CD

A Side.
1. Leaving To Zion
2. General Penitentiary 
3. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 
4. Shine Eye 

B Side.
1. Abortion 
2. Natural Reggae Beat 
3. Plastic Smile 

Label: Taxi
Format: Vinyl LP
Date Of Release: 19/11/2021

Brand Taxi
Condition New
Product Code TXILP001
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