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Blackout JA - Buss A Blank / Saimm-I & Collieman 7" Pirates Crew Recordings (Belgium)


The Pirates Crew is 10 years in the business and that needs to be celebrated.

Because of our love for reggae music and soundsystem culture we want to realize a dream we had for a longtime. Like great soundsystems as Jammy’s Hifi, Stone Love or Sir Coxsones downbeat have done in the past, we want to release our own productions and 45’s.

Our 10th anniversary seems the perfect opportunity to make this dream reality. We want to go back to the original vibez and give something back to the people who supported us along our way. The Stranger Riddim, created by Plastik B and performed by The Nice Guys is a modern take on rudeboys ska. The acoustic bass and the Hammond give the instrumental that extra oldskool flavor and retro sound typical for The Nice Guys.

For the vocals we did a combo with Saimn-I & Collieman. Belgium’s two biggest talents and artists we have been supporting and promoting since day one. The combination of Collieman’s sweet singing voice and Saimn-I’s energetic rhymes bring back the memory of the 10” from the 70’s and 80’s with a singer and a deejay part. Another artist we promote is UK based Blackout JA. This deejay with a rockstone voice brings a dancehall twist to this ska riddim. Both songs ‘party time’ and ‘buss a blank’ pay honor to dancehall and soundsystem culture from the days of the Skatalites until today.

The Stanger Riddim is a production by Pirates Crew Recordings, mixed by Saimn-I and mastered by Unlisted Fanatic.


Side A - Blackout JA - Buss A Blank

Side B - Saimm-I & Collieman - Party Time

Format: 7" Vinyl

Label: Pirates Crew Recordings

Year: 2014 

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