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Bob & Gene - If This World Were Mine LP Daptone


Bob & Gene - If This World Were Mine

(New Vinyl LP)

In Soul's prime, Darrell Banks, Donnie Elbert, Dyke andthe Blazers, and Jimmie Raye all left their home town of BUFFALO, NY.Resident WILLIAM NUNN stayed behind with good faith in the ground underhis feet. During the fall of 1967 Nunn began assembling a recordingstudio in the basement of his house and opened a club in the city. Bothoutlets would give young resident talent as well as touring Soul starsan opportunity to record and perform in his home town. Today, an untoldmass of rittle and profound Soul and Gospel recordings remain.Self-made, close to home and close to heart; the recording's onWilliam's MO DO imprint playback with unconventional humanity andanomalous presence. Though both only fifteen at the time, William's sonBOBBY NUNN and friend EUGENE COPLIN from down the street, would give MoDo Records it's first vinyl outing with their stirring single "YOU GAVEME LOVE". Over the next few years, BOB & GENE's name would appearbeneath the Mo Do label on a handful of some of the deepest andsweetest Soul sides ever carved into wax. MoDo was truly WILLIAM NUNN'streasure and BOB & GENE, his most prized gems. Sadly, their fulllength album would never make it to press during William's lifetime.Before his death, William entrusted his dusty library of tapes to DAVIDGRIFFITHS, a passionate young record collector and New York State Soulhistorian, who in turn brought the tapes to DAPTONE RECORDS. Now, afterendless hours of exploration and restoration, we are proud to presentin its entirety for the first time BOB & GENE's full length album"IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE . . ." Made in USA, high-quality vinyl!


1. Gotta Find A Way
2. Your Name
3. It Won’t Go
4. I Can Be Cool
5. Sailboat
6. Which Love
7. Interlude
8. Don't Leave Me Girl
9. Somebody's Doin It (War)
10. You Don’t Need Me
11. You Gave Me Love
12. If This World Were Mine