Bobby Oroza & El Michels Affair - Whatcha Know / Losing It 7" Big Crown

Product code: BC147-45
On the A side, ”Whatcha Know” Bobby explores death and the human experience, putting his philosophical ponderings into his music. Michels’ production and overall ethos is the perfect compliment to Bobby’s desire to stretch out his sound. EMA provides a gorgeous backing track that compliments Bobby’s style and simultaneously broadens its scope.
The B side “Losing It” is a dramatic and moving number that Bobby sings in Spanish and English. A gorgeous guitar riff is countered with eerie sound effects that crescendo when the drums come in. Bobby professes he’s “Losing It” over a love too strong and El Michels Affair’s production turns the whole affair into a saga that thunders through speakers.  


A. Bobby Oroza & El Michels Affair - Whatcha Know

B. Bobby Oroza & El Michels Affair - Losing It


Label: Big Crown

Format: 7" Vinyl 

Release Date: 23rd June 2023

Brand Big Crown Records
Condition New
Product Code BC147-45
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