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Born In A Car Crash - A Guide To Choice 1950s and 60s Rhythm and Blues 45s BOOK Long Road Society


Artist: Morgan “Moman” Nixon
Release Name: Born In A Car Crash: 
A Guide to Choice 1950s and 60s Rhythm & Blues 45s
Category: Music Reference Book

Release Date: November 2020
Record Label: The Long Road Society
Formats of Release: Paperback
Paper 120 lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating
Cover Paper 16pt matte cover (350gsm)

ISBN 978-0-578-49000-7
First Print Run 1000
Catalog Number LRS-008

About The Book

“Born In A Car Crash” is a guide to 1950s and 60s 
rhythm and blues 45s - artifacts of an incredibly 
fertile period of black American music and a time of 
signifi cant cultural upheaval. R&B was a constant thread 
through the complex tapestry of racial segregation, 
international confl ict, and the civil rights movement. 
The universal appeal of 1950s and 60s R&B continues 
to bring disparate groups of society together during 
incredibly divisive political times.
“Born In A Car Crash” highlights essential tracks from 
an era of profound creativity, entrepreneurship, and 
inspiration. It aims to shine a light on the musicians, 
producers, and labels that leveraged everything they 
had to create music for the people.

About The Author

Morgan “Moman” Nixon has spent the past 20 years 
meticulously researching and collecting music from 
around the world. Through his work at the Library of 
Congress in Washington DC, he has built an encyclopedic 
knowledge of American folk, country, R&B, and blues. 
Moman passionately shares his knowledge publishing 
countless zines and music reviews over the past decade. 

This is his second book on The Long Road Society label.
High quality offset printed in 
Berlin/ 256 pages / Full Colour
Includes 242 entries on blues and R&B 45s with record label scans.
“No Man Is An Island”, the first book in the Racing For Pink Slips book series, sold 1,500 copies in the US, UK, Europe, and Japan. 

A series of book release and press 
events are planned around the 
launching of Born In A Car Crash. 
Due to COVID-19, the format of the 
events is yet to be determined.