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Bovell Brown & Cobby - Quality Weed / Quality Remix 7" DÉCLASSÉ

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One gusty spring afternoon in Hull, Legendary dub master Dennis Bovell came to town for a quality dubwise gig that same evening at the legendary Adelphi club. Before said gig, Hull's own groove meister senõr Cobby kidnapped 'Blackbeard' Bovell and hustled him into his 'shedio' production den to put down this splendid reggae track, an ode to the world's favourite herbal remedy, Quality Weed! With Quality remix (Disco version) over on the b-side
Now available on 7inch Vinyl!

Tracks -
Side A - Bovell, Brown & Cobby - Quality Weed
Side B - Bovell, Brown & Cobby - Quality Remix 

Side A is the original reggae mix.
Side B the Steve Cobby Disco remix.

Written by Dennis Bovell and Steve Cobby

Vocals - Dennis Bovell
Drums - Jimmy Brown
Guitar, Bass and Keyboards - Steve Cobby

Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Steve Cobby

Year: 2019
Format: 7" Vinyl

 B.B.C. - Quality Weed (Original Mix)

B.B.C. - Quality Remix