Bunkerpop - Bunkerpop CD Fast & Bulbous

Debut album from Hull's biggest Neu sensations BUNKERPOP.
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Bunkerpop - Bunkerpop 

Formed in 2016, Hull 5-piece 'Bunkerpop' feature current and former members of such exalted outfits as Fonda 500, Baby Mammoth, Nyam Nyam, Black Delta Movement and The Schoolgirls.

Bunkerpop deliver “an experimental mash of energy and titivating instrumental and electronic sound with pronouncements” and take their influences from the likes of Neu!, Holy Fuck and Talking Heads.

Live, they combine these musical charms with “the excitement and visual stimuli of a Billy Graham, P-Funk or Flaming Lips concert. Cult like worship is encouraged. Bunkerpop are the people’s band… come join them”.

This, their self-produced, self-titled debut album was funded via Kickstarter and released 7 June 2019 on their own label Fast And Bulbous.

Track Listing -

1. Start Something With A Stop
2. (Are You Ready) For Something
3. Bunkerpop Theme
4. Stop
5. Kijk
6. Luister
7. Newtown
​​​​​​​8. Don't Upset The Hawk
9. Wet Brains Ft. Nick Broten on Razor Guitar
10. Harmony Wheel
11. Lovely Eno
12. Action After Warnings

Label: Fast & Bulbous
Year: 2019
Format: CD


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