Burial - Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above 12" XL Recordings

Product code: XL1401T
 "Dreamfear" is structured like a night out gone sideways. Breakbeats and samples about ecstasy rub shoulders with samples such as "your love is a drug," before an honestly kind of disturbing (and delightfully cheesy) nu-metal sample: "Back from the dead / Fucked up in the head" repeats over a groaning synth melody, like a nightmarish inversion of the angel-in-the-back-alleys reveries of early Burial. Everything sounds dirtier and fuzzier, and decades-old samples of The Prodigy and Richie Hawtin only add to the eerie feeling that you've been here before.
If "Dreamfear" is the bad trip, "Boy Sent From Above" is when the substances start to wear off and you can see and hear clearly again. Untrue-style R&B samples (Monica's "Angel Of Mine") float over a peppy breakbeat sample, eventually climaxing into a bleary-eyed synth horn refrain that hints at both '80s freestyle and early prog house—a swelling of conflicted emotion that feels like the work of a more mature Burial, a grizzled old raver rather than the misty-eyed bedroom poet of the old days. Both this one (and its crunchy ending) and "Dreamfear" have a narrative flow and easy cohesion that Burial has been aiming at for the last ten years but sometimes missing for the sake of pure ambition. They're like hardcore continuum versions of Brian Wilson's pocket symphonies spread out across lengthy slabs of amphetamine-frazzled beats that swoop in and out like fractured flashbacks.


A. Burial - Dreamfear

B. Burial - Boy Sent From Above


Label: XL Recordings

Format: Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

Release Date: Friday 2nd February, 2024

Brand XL Recordings
Condition New
Product Code XL1401T
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