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Having taken the British music scene by storm in 1980 with her classic single ‘I'm So Sorry’, which stayed in the top 10 of the country’s reggae chart for over four months, her breathtaking follow up ‘Hopelessly In Love’ and album of the same name ensured Carroll Thompson’s enduring legacy. The album would go on to sell over 1 million copies, earning her the affectionate title ‘The Queen of Lovers Rock’, having been a driving force in the surge in popularity of this uniquely British genre that's influence continues to be felt today. With its gentle and enticing sonics designed to take you from the dance hall to the bedroom, Hopelessly In Love soundtracked the romance of a generation and has been lovingly dubbed “the album that triggered the baby boom”, as well as recently being voted The Greatest Lovers Rock Album of All Time by readers of MOJO Magazine.

This 40th Anniversary edition (CD) includes 5 bonus tracks, all of which have been unavailable on any format since the early Eighties and is further augmented by newly written sleeve notes and rare imagery from Carroll herself, “Hopelessly In Love” finally receives the deluxe treatment its status and profound influence has long since deserved.

Tracklisting -

1. Yesterday
2. I'm So Sorry
3. No, You Don't Know
4. Sing Me A Love Song
5. Mr. Cool
6. Merry-Go- Round
7. Simply in Love
8. When We Are As One
9. What Colour?
10. Hopelessly in Love
11. You Are The One I Love (12” mix)
12. Your Love (12” mix)
13. Make It With You – Carroll Thompson & Sugar Minott (12” mix)
14. Make It With You Version – The Black Roots Players (12” mix)
15. Hopelessly In Love (12” mix)

Bonus Tracks 11-15 Only available on Digital album and CD!


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Date Of Release: 15/10/2021

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Product Code 4050538700053
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