Cedric I'm Brooks - Mun Dun Go / Sound Dimension - Heavy Rock (12" Vinyl) Studio One / Soul Jazz Rec

Product code: SJR480-12
• Massive double header of two killer instrumental anthems from Brentford Road in the latest in a series of special edition 12”s of all-time classic Studio One party bombs, available on super loud 12”.
• Cedric Brooks’ ‘Mun Dun Go’ was first released on Studio One / Bamboo in the UK in 1970, and is an incredibly hypnotic tune, with original copies extremely rare and fetching up to £600.
• Shortly after this recording, saxophonist Brooks
went on to form The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari
with Count Ossie.
• On the flip, The Sound Dimension’s ‘Heavy Rock’ is one of the foundation instrumental tunes of reggae music, endlessly versioned by dancehall artists - a true anthem.
• 100% essential monster Studio One tunes that will rock any dancefloor.


A. Cedric I'm Brooks - Mun Dun Go  

B. Sound Dimension - Heavy Rock


Label: Studio One / Soul Jazz Records 

Format: 12" Vinyl 

Release Date: 04/11/2022

Brand Soul Jazz Studio One
Condition New
Product Code SJR480-12
Weight 0.18kg