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Clive "Azul" Hunt presents: Bad Bad Bad LP 17 North Parade


Clive Hunt presents Bad Bad Bad (Vinyl LP)

Clive "Azul" Hunt presents BAD BAD BAD (17 North Parade) 

Classic non-album roots anthems from The Abyssinians, darker than blue soul reggae from Junior Murvin, reggae rare groove from The In Crowd and the real revolutionary sounds of Pablo Moses and Max Romeo, BAD BAD BAD gathers together a killer selection of Clive Hunt’s most sought after productions from the golden age of reggae.

Side One 

1. Abyssinians - Tenayistillin Wandimae
2. Sylford Walker - I Can't Understand
3. Bonnie Gayle - I Can't Change My Skin
4. Pablo Moses - We Should Be In Angola
5. In Crowd - Milk & Honey
6. Azul - Bitter Sweet

 Side Two

1. Lizzard - Satta I
2. Bonnie Gayle - Mellow Up Yourself
3. Junior Murvin - Give Me Your Love
10. I Roy - Flying High
11. Mango Walk - In Crowd
12. Jam Now Generation - Peacemaker

Format: Vinyl LP

Year: 2020

Label: 17 North Parade / VP Records