Colonel Maxwell - Jah Is My Leader LP Abendigo Records

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All tracks have been recorded over the last 3 years at Early J and Ouragan studio in Brittany. They have been compiled for this album entitled “Jah is My Leader”. It’s a well-paced Reggae Digital album with Rub a Dub style among which you will find some Roots nuggets with a more relaxed vibe. Colonel’s message in all his titles is conscious, committed and he uses quite subtle puns which recall this atmosphere in the first Sound System nights in Paris. Available on February 2nd, 2024 in vinyl and digital format, it is an album that promises to be memorable in the history of Reggae in France.  


1. Jah is My Leader 

2. Buzy Buzy

3. Good Discipline

4. Ganjah Farmer

5. Ital 

6. Pick it Up

7. Chatty Mouth

8. Gideon Flowers

9. Sound of Jericho

10. Ginal Ship

11. Sweetest Love

12. Criminal System 


Label: Abendigo Records (France)

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 2nd February, 2024 

Brand Abendigo Records
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Product Code ABD
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