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Congos - Congo Ashanti LP VP Records

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Congo - Congo Ashanti
(Sealed vinyl 2013 Reissue LP)

Tracks -

Side A
1. Days Chasing Days
2. Jackpot
3. Hail The World Of Jah
4. Education Of Brainwashing

Side B
5. Youth Man
6. Yoyo
7. Nana
8. Thief Is In The Vineyard

A sweet 70s classic from the Congos – billed here as just Congo on the cover, but working with that warm trio groove that made them so great in the first place! The instrumentation is smooth, without ever being uptight – nice undercurrents of soul that bubble in the mix, and work well with the harmonizing from the trio alongside the lead vocals of Cedric Myton. Rhythms are pretty easygoing, too – some nice bubbly basslines, and chromatic inflections on guitar that sit strongly alongside the vocals – on titles that include "Days Chasing Days", "Jackpot", "Education Of Brainwashing", "Youth Man", and "Thief Is In The Vineyard". 

Format: Vinyl LP
Year: 1979 (New Reissue)
Label: VP Records