Cosmic Shuffling - Jupiter's Garden / Asteroid Field I 7" Fruits Records

Product code: FTR050
In 2020, Cosmic Shuffling took the global rocksteady and ska scene by storm with its hit singles ‘Eastern Ska’ and ‘Short Break’ taken from the band first album “Magic Rocket Ship”. Highly acclaimed by the fans of sixties Jamaican sounds, this first album was sold out in a few weeks only. Now the band returns with brand new music!
WARNING! This is original SKA music of the highest calibre. This new double A side 7” record will set the dancefloor on fire. ’JUPITER’S GARDEN’ is an heavy, slow and extremely groovy instrumental ska blown by a six-piece horns section. It is instantly reminiscent of Don Drummond's melancholic compositions with The Skatalites. The music made by these Jamaican legends in the sixties will never be equalled, but Cosmic Shuffling pays a striking tribute to the style and sound of the Greats. Ready to take off on an outerspace dancing journey?
On the flip side, ‘ASTEROID FIELD I’ continues the journey through a zone of intense turbulence: the tempo becomes fiercer, the chords move away from traditional harmonies and the virtuoso soloists display their talent one after the other. All of this on a frenzied rhythm worthy of The Soul Brothers.
You can’t miss this record. Double scorcher. Double fireball. Available on 7” vinyl record with pantone silver ink label. 


A. Cosmic Shuffling - Jupiter's Garden

B. Cosmic Shuffling - Asteroid Field I


Label: Fruits Records

Format: 7" Vinyl

Release Date: 2rd March 2023 

Brand Fruits Records
Condition New
Product Code FTR050
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