Count Kujo - Pain & Suffering CD Count Kujo SIGNED COPY

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An album exploring colonial and post colonial experiences from a Jamaican perspective. Each track is a reference to different experiences personally identified as being central to the experiences of Jamaican descendents. The tracks behave like movements of one central thesis, one body or entity. They have common themes that tie them together and diverse influences that distinguish each as unique. Ultimately the concluding factor for this experience can be found in the sum of the titles of each track, each assists to construct the overall narrative. But perhaps the most important concept from our perspective is the concept of 'Unity Through Diversity. This is what drives our project to expand the current perception of Jazz and Modern music by incorporating a more diverse array of influences. Particularly from the traditional folk music of West Africa. 

Tracks -

1. Reflections Of Our Ancestors 
2. Seeking (Yours On Earth)
3. Compassion (More We Are Together)
4. Unity (Through Diversity)
5. Creativity (Through Adversity)

Label: COUNT KUJO young blood old stories
Year: 2019
Format: Compact Disc (CD)

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