Creation Rebel - Psychotic Jonkanoo LP On-U Sound

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First time available on vinyl since 1982. Psychotic Jonkanoo was the sixth Creation Rebel album in three years, originally licensed to the post-punk oriented Glaswegian label Statik. Another solid set of killer dub, albeit less instrumentally inclined than their previous efforts and more focussed on militant-style conscious chants. Bandleader Crucial Tony was aided on the vocal front by harmonies from other group members, in a style reminiscent of Black Uhuru, plus the occasional guest such as John Lydon of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited providing backing harmony (!) on “Mother Don’t Cry”, and the legendary Deadly Headley Bennett adding saxophone to the opening track.
“Anybody searching Adrian Sherwood's catalogue for an easy point of entry would do well to start here, and everyone else can simply applaud Psychotic Jonkanoo as the last truly great roots reggae album of the 1980s.” All Music  


1. The Dope

2. African Space

3. Chatti Mouth / Threat To Creatio

4. Highest Degree

5. Mother Don’t Cry

6. Yuk Up

7. Drum Talk

8. Independent Man

9. Creation Rebel

10. Monkey Grinds The Organ


Label: On-U Sound 

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 29th March 2024

Brand On-U Sound
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Product Code ONULP4
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