Creole & Chinafrica - Journey From Creation 1975-1985 (2LP) Deeper Knowledge .

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24 track gatefold double LP with vocals and dub versions.

Some important tracks reissued from master tapes for the first time. Layout filled with never before seen photos & Flyers. Features one previously unreleased 1970s cut from Creole.

Two of the most unique complete bands in reggae history, fusing reggae, funk, soul and hard rock. 



1. Jah Creation

2. Tourism

3. I Don’t Know

4. Moving Away

5. Skylarking

6. Beware.


1. I Am a Rootsman

2. You Made Me Happy

3. Troubled World
4. Come Let Me Love Ya
5. Destruction
6. I Wonder.
1. Jah Creation Version
2. Tourism Version
3. I Don’t Know Version
4. Moving Away Version
5. Skylarking Version
6. Beware Version.
1. Old Hope Road
2. You Made Me Happy Version
3. Troubled World Version
4. Come Let Me Love Ya Version
5. MX Missile Dub
6. Wondering Dub
Label: Deeper Knowledge
Format: Gatefold Double Vinyl LP
Release Date: 16th February, 2023 
Brand Deeper Knowledge
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Product Code DKR216LP
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