Dennis Brown - Super Reggae And Soul Hits CD Trojan Records

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Originally issued in 1972, Reggae And Soul Hits features the best of a teenage Dennis Brown’s recordings for celebrated producer, Derrick Harriott.
The album, the third in Browns career, marked a turning point in his career, establishing him as a versatile singer-songwriter, adept at creating and performing immensely soulful music for an adult audience.
This re-issue of the seminal LP also features a number of bonus tracks, taken from various related singles issued around the time of the album, many of which cannot be found elsewhere.
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Dennis Brown - Super Reggae And Soul Hits
(Trojan Records CD)


1. Concentration
2. Concentration Version Three
3. Silhouettes
4. Wichita Lineman
5. Musical Heatwave
6. He Can't Spell
7. I Didn't Know
8. I Didn't Know Version Three
9. How Could I Let You Get Away
10. Lips Of Wine
11. Let Me Down Easy
12. Changing Times
13. Bonus Tracks: Dennis Brown & The Crystalites - Concentration Version 2
14. Dennis Brown & The Crystalites - Silhouettes Version
15. Big Youth - Dock Of The Bay
16. Augustus Pablo & Crystalites - Bass & Drum Version
17. Dennis Brown & The Crystalites - Acid Version
18. Crystalites - Isic (Means Music)
19. Crystalites - Changing Times Version

Year: 1971-1973
Label: Trojan
Format: CD
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Product Code 0060768055124
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