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Dennis Brown - Tribulation Times LP Kingston Sounds



Dennis Brown - Tribulation Times

(Vinyl LP)

Tracks -

1. Smile Like An Angel
2. Poor Side Of Town
3. Money In My Pocket (Original Jamaican Version)
4. This World Is Troubled
5. Silver Words
6. Play Girl
7. Tribulation
8. Westbound Train
9. Let Me Live
10. Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
11. Summertime
12. My Kind
13. Golden Streets
14. We Will Be Free

BASS: Fulyl Fullwood
DRUMS: Santa Davis
GUITAR: Chinna Smith, Tony Chin
KEYBOARDS: Keith Sterling, Gladdy Anderson
HORNS: Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon

PRODUCED BY: Niney The Observer
RECORDED AT: Dynamic, Joe Gibbs

Format: VINYL LP

Label: Jamaican Recordings / Kingston Sounds

Year: 1973-1979

Condition: New Mint