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Dennis Brown - You Satisfy My Soul LP Fatman FMLP009

Dennis Brown - You Satisfy My Soul

This album is appropriately entitled "You Satisfy My Soul" because Brown was always a classical singer, who gave his best at all times, no matter the tribulations. He was always smiling and never short changed his fans - listening to this album is mere confirmation of the versatility and sheer musical genius of Brown in dynamic combination with cream of the crop producers, singers, DJs and musicians. The rhythms are solid and peppery thus ensuring the danceability of these well crafted songs. Dennis Emmanuel Brown is no longer with us physically but his music lives on eternally.

A1 You Satisfy My Soul
A2 Don´t Disrespect The Father
A3 Sweet Sensation
A4 Stop It (feat. George Nooks)
A5 Trials And Crosses
A6 No More Will I Roam
A7 Running Around
B1 For You
B2 Take It Easy
B3 Give Me Your Love
B4 Be Mine (feat. G. Issacs/J. Delgado)
B5 Sitting And Watching (feat. B. Killer/Mad Cobra)
B6 Living In The Footsteps
B7 Why Can´t I Touch You

Label: Fatman
Year: 2002
Format: Vinyl LP
Condition: New Mint Reissue