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Don Carlos - Tribulation In Dub LP Roots Attack Dub


Essential New DUB 'ATTACK' Label Vinyl LP !!

Don Carlos - Tribulation In Dub

(New Sealed RE-ISSUE Vinyl LP Original recorded: 1983)


1. Laser Dub
2. Two Things In Life Dub
3. Rub A Dub
4. Johnny Dub
5. Real Dub
6. Tribulation Dub
7. Ball Dub
8. Booming Ball Dub
9. Mix Up Dub
10. Laser Beam Dub Mix
11. Tribulation Dub Mix

MIXED BY: King Tubby, Gussie P

BACKED BY: Mafia & Fluxy, Aggrovators

NEW MINT 'Attack ' Label, Sealed VINYL LP