Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams - Motor City Scene LP BMG

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MOTOR CITY SCENE, also released as Stardust, by American saxophonist PEPPER ADAMS and trumpeter DONALD BYRD, was recorded in 1960 and released on the Bethlehem label. Donald Byrd and Pepper Adams—and their ace band, including Kenny Burrell, Tommy Flanagan & Paul Chambers—deliver what is one of the finest performances of “Stardust” you’ll ever hear on this album. And that’s just the first track; this is Donald Byrd hitting his first peak, and summoning a band behind him that was formidable, and deft.

Release Date 07/01/2022.


A1 Stardust 10:15
A2 Philson 10:40
B1 Trio 8:05
B2 Libeccio 8:30
B3 Bitty Ditty 6:45


Label: BMG

Release Date: 07/01/2022

Format: Vinyl LP

Brand BMG
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Product Code 4050538681673
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