Dub Kazman - Dub Fi Freedom LP Rough Signal Records (Japan)

Product code: RSRLP002

Rough Signal Records (Japan) is pleased to announce this next release, the full debut album from Dub Kazman.

This album is focused on the exclusive of dubplate style of mixing. Side A is inspired by the classic 80s roots dub style but in a contemporary fashion. While Side of B side has more digital style of 90s roots and dancehall style of dub.
Get ready to dive headfirst into the raw, gritty world of drum and bass dub style with Dub Kazman's debut album. 
Japan Import Vinyl LP.


A1. Rise Up in Dub 04:37

A2. Citizen's Blues in Dub 04:19

A3. Swing Bass in Dub 03:00

A4. Freedom in Dub 04:34

A5. Crisis in Dub 04:21

B1. Sad Life in Dub 04:00

B2. Deep Breathing in Dub 03:00

B3. Strength Up in Dub 03:00

B4. Winter Night in Dub 04:48

B5. Nightmare in Dub 03:00

B6. Sky Tears in Dub 03:00


Label: Rough Signal Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 31st May 2024

Brand Rough Signal Records
Condition New
Product Code RSRLP002
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