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Enos Mcleod - Legendary Classics LP Earth Stone Horace



Enos Mcleod - Legendary Classics (LP)

Classic Enos Mcleod productions!

Tracks -

Earth and Stone - Babylon must fall
Tyrone Taylor - Fight It Blackman
Mad Deeks - Free Man
Dennis Brown - Zion
Enos Mcleod - Let Them Say
Enos Mcleod - Tell You Goodbye
Dennis Brown - Why Must I

Ronnie Davis - Chasing You
Ronnie Davis - Forgive Her
Freddie Mckay - Go On This Way
Enos Mcleod - Puppet On A String
Enos Mcleod - Sweet Sexy
Horace Andy - I'm In Love
Glen Washington - Tighten Up


Label: Orbit

Original Year: 2004 (reissue)