Ethiopian & His All Stars - The Return Of Jack Sparrow LP Nighthawk Records

The Return Of Nighthawk Records
Long-Lost 1987 Album by Reggae Legend Leonard Dillon (aka Ethiopian) Making Its Vinyl Debut on 2-LPs!
20 Tracks Including "Band You Belly" & "Train To Skaville"


A1. Slender Thread 

A2. Your Promise 

A3. Straight On Rastafari 

A4. Straight On Version 

A5. I Need Someone 

B1. I Need Someone Dub 

B2. Are You Loving Me 

B3. Train To Skaville 

B4. Mother's Tender Care 

B5. I'm Gonna Take Over 

C1. Take Over Version 

C2. Flirty Flirty Guys 

C3. Live Good 

C4. Live Good Dub 

C5. Band Your Belly 

D1. Beggars Have No Choice 

D2. Do It Sweet 

D3. Let's Get Together Now 

D4. Heavenly Father 

D5. Heavenly Father Interlude


Label: Nighthawk Records/Omnivore Recordings

Format: Double Vinyl LP

Year: 2021

Brand Nighthawk Records / Omnivore Recordings
Condition New
Weight 0.18kg