Funky Funky New Orleans, Vol. 7 LP Tuff City Records (USA Import)

Product code: DELLP0091
Various Artists featuring Eddie Bo, Sam Henry, Anthony Butler & The Invaders, plus more
14 tracks, 43 minutes


Side 1-Vocal

1. Buck Sinegal-Little Boy Blue

2. Chuck Conway & The Amars-Get On Up, Pt.1

3. Deacon John-You Don't Know How To Turn Me On

4. Brotherhood-Sooky Feeling, Pt. 2

5. Tommy Ridgley-Fly In My Pie

6. Lonnie Jones-You Got To Do Better

7. Sam Henry-Loving You

Side 2-Instrumental

1. Anthony Butler & The Invaders-Hard To Handle

2. Larry Jones-Funky Jaws

3. Tyrone Chestnut-Bumping

4. Eddie Bo-Getting To The Middle, Pt. 2

5. Louisiana Purchase-Accept What You Expect

6. The Scram Band-Don't Change Nothin'

7. Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders-If It's Good To You, It's Good For You  


Label: Tuff City Records (USA Import)

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 30th October, 2023

Brand Tuff City Records
Condition New
Product Code DELLP0091
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