Gladiators - 1983 - The Nighthawk E.P. Nighthawk Records

Limited pressing for RSD Black Friday 2021, although the release was delayed to December 10, 2021.
Hype sticker states pressing on Red, Yellow & Green vinyl, but is actually Red or Yellow or Green, which is then mixed/splattered with white vinyl.
Gladiators: Albert Griffiths; Clinton Fearon; Gallimore Sutherland; Clinton Rufus; Audley Taylor; Stanley "Barnabas" Bryan
Supplemented by: Richard Ace; Scully Simms; Bongo Herman; Bobby Ellis; Dean Frazier; Glenn Decosta; Deadly Headly; Nambo Robinson


A1.  Rocking Vibration

A2.  Vibration Version

A3.  Reggae Jamboree

B1.  Fussing And Fighting

B2.  Fussing Version

B3. Prince Toney's Head


Label: Nighthawk Records/Omnivore Recordings

Format: Colour Vinyl LP

Year: 1983/2021 Reissue 

Brand Nighthawk Records / Omnivore Recordings
Condition New
Weight 0.18kg