Gladiators - Serious Thing LP Nighthawk Records

Classic line up Gladiators, with Albert Griffiths on lead vocals and songwriting duties. 

Recorded & Mixed at Harry J's by Sylvan Morris.


A1.  Serious Thing 2:45

A2.  My Thoughts 4:06

A3.  My Thoughts Version 3:36

A4.  Fling It Gimme 3:02

A5.  Rearrange 3:42

B1.  Mid-Range 2:57

B2.  Mid-Range Version 3:05

B3.  FreedomTrain 3:19

B4.  Good Foundation 3:43

B5.  After You 2:17


Label: Nighthawk Records/Omnivore Recordings

Format: Gatefold Vinyl LP

Year: 1984/2020 Reissue

Brand Nighthawk Records / Omnivore Recordings
Condition New
Weight 0.18kg