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Irie Up Magazine, Issue 5

Sept/Oct 2010


As we’ve seen in the last issues, much of the European reggae scene grew from left wing, anarchist and squat organisations, but politics remains a topic of contention in reggae culture. Speaking at Reggae Geel, reggae veteran Kiddus I recalled with sadness the divisions of left- and right-wing politics in Jamaica. It was too small a country, he said, to be divided into two factions. I wondered if his point was not true in big countries also.


What's inside


Irie Up photographers travelled the European circuit festival during the summer of 2010

The education of U-Brown

Norman Darwen talks to U-Brown, the vintage Jamaican chanter, about learning from the original masters of the microphone in the early 1970s.

Jah reggae on Guam

On the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, reggae rules. Dedric English and Todd Hall explain why.

Pressure Sounds rolls on

Pressure Sounds is one of the UK’s most respected reggae labels, and Pete Holdsworth introduces Erik Magni to his favourite artists and tunes.

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