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Dub as we know it begins here.
Prior to 1973, there existed in Jamaica instrumental takes of songs—B-sides that were labeled “versions” —and vocal-less acetates produced as one-offs for sound systems to give their mic men something to toast over. But there was nothing that fit the radical mixing board athleticism and psychedelic soundscapes that are the trademarks of dub music. By the end of that year, however, the story had radically changed. Lee Perry's Rhythm Shower and Upsetters 14 Dub, aka Blackboard Jungle, Herman Chin-Loy's Aquarius Dub and Prince Buster's The Message Dubwise had all appeared on the scene, each to varying degrees exemplifying dub's radical take-off on the instrumental concept. However, it may have been Java Java Java Java, that broke the first ground. “To my knowledge,” producer Clive Chin confirms, “and I'm telling this from a true fact, at the time it came out there was no other album like it.”
Although the debate will probably continue for as long as scholars of Jamaican music exist, there is no doubt that Java Java Java Java is one of the foundations of dub music.


1. Guiding Dub 3:13

2. Cheating Dub 2:50

3. E.T. Special 2:53

4. Soulful Dub 2:57

5. Ordinary Version Dub 2:51

6. Java Dub 3:01

7. Meet Me Dub 3:00

8. Black Man's Dub 4:05

9. King Babylon Dub 3:05

10. Hide Away Dub


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