Joe Yorke - End Of The Day / The 18th Parallel - Dub Of The Day 7" Fruits Records

Product code: FTR053

Two of the most prominent activists on the current European reggae scene join forces on this brand new song. ‘END OF THE DAY’ is a combination between Bristol singer JOE YORKE and Swiss reggae band THE 18TH PARALLEL. Written by master storyteller Eeyun Delroy Purkins from The Co-Operators who recently released a highly acclaimed album with Joe Yorke titled ‘A Distant Beat’, ‘End of The Day’ showcases the remarkable talent of both crews: on the one hand enchanting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics provided by Joe’s soulful voice and Eeyun’s brilliant pen, on the other infectious grooves and impeccable musicianship by The 18th Parallel. This mesmerizing collaboration is highlighted by Westfinga’s perfect early 80’s rub a dub mixing. When these extraordinary forces collide, magic happens. Step into the rhythm and embrace a state of pure musical bliss!


A. Joe Yorke - End Of The Day

B. The 18th Parallel - Dub Of The Day


Label: Fruits Records

Format: 7" Vinyl

Release Date: 16th June, 2023

Brand Fruits Records
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Product Code FTR053
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