Johnny Clarke - Jah Love Is With I / Bad Days Are Going 12" Greensleeves Records

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Among the ranks of singers, only Johnny Clarke comes close to challenging Bob Marley & Dennis Brown for reggae’s crown, through his unequaled run of hit songs. His output of mid-70s classics powered by producer Bunny “Striker” Lee give Clarke status among the top artists of the period, and he mainstains contemporary relevance on the live show and reggae festival circuit.
“Jah Love Is With I” is a long sought-after and highly collectible 12-inch single for both its sides, which are presented in the extended ‘discomix’ style of the late 70s, with the vocals edited directed with an extended dub mix on each side.

Track Listing

SIDE A - Jah Love Is With I - Johnny Clarke

SIDE B - Bad Boys Are Going - Johnny Clarke

Label: Greensleeves

Format: 12" Vinyl

Year: 1979/2018 Reissue


Label Greensleeves Records
Brand Greensleeves Records
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Product Code GRED20
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