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Johnny Osbourne - Folly Ranking LP Greensleeves Reissue

Great re-press from Greensleeves / VP, this wicked Prince Jammy production featuring the golden voice of Johnny Osbourne originally appeared a year or so after his classic set for Studio One, in fact it used the same thoughtful looking portrait as the Coxsone set on its rear sleeve.  The front sleeve of course was notoriously a portrait of what looks like an old Webley six-shooter, though I'm no expert.  As far as the music goes, this is one of the best of the albums Jammy produced during the early eighties with wicked cuts to Father Jungle Rock (Mr. Walker), Far East (Trench Town School) and those killer steppers tracks that Shaka specialised in on Jahovah, Live Right, Mr. Marshall and the title track.  But its Mr. Osbourne who really makes this album so good, his clear tenor rarely sounding better on tracks such as Love Song and the beautiful Time Is Getting Dread.  Highly recommended!

Track Listing:

Side One:
1. Mr. Walker
2. Jah Ovah
3. Cool Down
4. Trench Town School
5. Fret You A Fret

Side Two:
1. Folly Ranking
2. Love Song
3. Live Right
4. Mr. Marshall
5. Time Is Getting Dread

Label: Greensleeves
Format: Vinyl LP (Sealed)
Year: 1980/2013 (Reissue)