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14 track vinyl LP (or 18 track CD) from legendary deejay toaster Joseph Cotton aka Jah Walton, who has had number one hits on the UK and Jamaican charts. Featuring a few combination tracks with the Tabby Mighty Diamonds, Pioneers legend George Dekker, Studio One legend Vin Gordon - Mr Real Rock. Some of the greatest reggae musicians on the riddim section; Sly Dunbar, Flabba Holt (Roots Radics), Vin Gordon, Horseman, Bongo Herman, Michael Megahbass Fletcher, to name a few. Recorded at Tuff Gong Jamaica, Ariwa, and Room In The Sky Studios.


1. Blind Date 03:09 

2. Joseph Cotton ft. R. Zee Jackson - Lightning & Thunder 03:53 

3. Joseph Cotton ft Tabby Mighty Diamonds - Me And Me Daughter 03:01 

4. Big Talk Drifter 02:58

5. Ghetto Girl (Medley) 03:21 

6. Joseph Cotton ft. Vin Gordon - St. Annes Collie 03:26 

7. Wisdom & Knowledge 03:51 

8. RIver Bank (medley) 03:18 

9.  New Fashion Way 03:11 

10. Joseph Cotton ft. George Dekker - Ali Button (medley) 03:22 

11. Joseph Cotton ft. Vin Gordon - This Morning 03:17 

12. Joseph Cotton ft. AJ Franklin - I Don't Know What To Do (medley) 03:04 

13. Joseph Cotton ft. Fern Brooke - Blood & Fire 03:39 

14. Cool Runnings 03:46 

*15. Long Distance 

*16. Find Some Loving 

*17. Bring Back Some Love 

*18. Ganja Man


* Denotes CD extra tracks


Label: Room In The Sky

Format: Vinyl LP/CD

Release Date: 20th April 2024 

Brand Room In The Sky
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Product Code MBX
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