Junior Byles - Rasta No Pickpocket CD Nighthawk Records

Product code: OVCD-286

Classic Junior Byles album now issued on CD with previously unreleased tracks!

Backing by Roots Radics Band

Recorded by The Scientist.

Produced by Niney The Observer. 

Mixed by Sylvan Morris


1.  Thanks And Praise 

2.  Rasta No Pickpocket 

3.  Press Along 

4.  I No Got It 

5.  Cally Weed 

6.  I Don't Know 

7. This Feeling*

8. Bur Boy

9. Weeping 

10. Press Along Version*

11. Thanks And Praise Version*

* Previously Unreleased 


Label: Nighthawk Records/Omnivore Recordings

Format: CD

Year: 1986/2020

Brand Nighthawk Records / Omnivore Recordings
Condition New
Product Code OVCD-286
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