Keith Hudson - Flesh Of My Skin Blood Of My Blood CD VP Records 17 North Parade

Product code: VPCD2730
CD Version of VP’s meticulous remaster of the original Mamba pressing of Flesh Of My Skin, Blood Of My Blood includes three tracks not on that original, plus extensive liner notes from Hudson biographer Vincent Ellis, combining to make this the definitive release of an obscure reggae classic.  

Tracklisting -

1 Hunting
2 Flesh Of My Skin
3 Blood Of My Blood
4 Testing My Faith
5 Fight Your Revolution
6 Darkest Night
7 Darkest Night (Version)
8 Talk Some Sense
9 My Nocturne (Talk Some Sense Version)
10 Treasures Of The World
11 My Nocturne (Treasures Of The World Version)
12 I Shall Be Released
13 No Friend Of Mine
14 Stabiliser


Label: 17 North Parade

Format: CD

Date Of Release: 22/10/2021

Brand 17 North Parade
Condition New
Product Code VPCD2730
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