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Kenny Knots, Speng Bond, Part2Style - Tann Up Solid EP (12" Vinyl) Jahtari JTR11


Kenny Knots, Speng Bond, Part2Style - Tann Up Solid EP (12")

The Maffi helicopter finally takes off again for it's next mission, this time with a Rub-A-Dub
specialist team on board who are about to infiltrate unsuspecting dancefloors worldwide.
Sensi expert Kenny Knots parachutes out first with a boom tune called "Herb From Grow" in
his backpack, while special agent Speng Bond - with the license fi toast - is keeping up the
vibes in the flying command center with "Tann Up Solid".

The Ninja MC team Rub-A-Dub market, who usually run tings and sound system special ops
code-named "Part2Style" down in Tokyo / Japan, are at the controls of the B-side with their
 track "Fever". Inside the suitcase on the backseat is the "Robotron Riddim", the dub version
of Ranking Levy's "Mad Man Syle" (from "Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 3").

Three murdah Rub-A-Dub cuts on some rare, early Maffi riddims plus one Dub - for your ears
only! All produced and dubbed up by Disrupt in the Jahtari bunker, with a bomb of a cover
from the Superhero team Ellen G./MyLord.

A1. Kenny Knots - Herb From Grow
A2. Speng Bond - Tann Up Solid
B1. Rub-A-Dub Market (Part2Style) - Fever
B2. Maffi - Robotron Riddim

Label: Jahtari
Format: 12" Vinyl with beautiful picture cover
Condition: New Mint